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Merry Christmas 2019

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. At this time of the year many are focusing on connecting with family and friends, parties and having a good time. But there are those who are lonely and heavy hearted for one reason or another, or sick and in pain, and in some parts of the world there are those who may not even know it’s Christmas—just like the song says, “Do They Know it’s Christmas”.

The other day I heard someone say that Christmas is every day of the year—meaning we should do good deeds all year long.

Well, this got me to thinking about the beliefs I originally built the Genesis II Church on and that I still try to live by:

• Doing good deeds
• Good health for all mankind
• Doing what is right
• Freedom for all mankind
• Enlightening others with the truth
• Helping one another
• Living with integrity

If you can spare a minute or two, take time to think about these. Not only are these right actions to live by, doing so will improve your health, along with taking MMS—so keep spreading the word. Thank you for joining me in our common goal and desire to help mankind.

Here’s to your good health, peace and prosperity,

Jim Humble

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