Videos of Jim Humble & MMS

90th Birthday Celebration & Tribute to Jim Humble

December 27, 2022

A tribute on the 90th birthday of Jim Humble, the man who discovered the therapeutic properties of Chlorine Dioxide.

Message to Bolivian Chlorine Dioxide Conference

March 11, 2021

Message from Jim Humble to the Bolivian Conference on Chlorine Dioxide.

The Universal Antidote Documentary

February 2021

The Universal Antidote Documentary The science and story of Chlorine Dioxide. NASA proclaimed it a universal antidote in 1987. Since that time thousands have recovered from illness using this substance and now many physicians and scientists are saying it is powerfully effective for many applications. The documentary explores the history, safety, and efficacy of the universal antidote and provides interviews with physicians and people who have used it.

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MMS – Story of Jim Humble by Sacha Stone

‘A Humble Journey’:
a film by Sacha Stone – addressing the MMS by Jim Humble.

Filmed on location in California, Sacha Stone in dialogue with one of the greatest pioneers in health sovereignty and a true 21st century hero: Jim Humble.

Compiled & Edited by Guille Soto (NewEarth Media).

Understanding MMS (2008)

A feature-length documentary on the origin, science, and proper use of the Jim Humble MMS protocol to disinfect the waters of the human body with chlorine dioxide. Produced and directed by Adam Abraham. History will record the term “MMS” as a phrase coined by an American Adventurer, Jim Humble, who discovered how a simple chemical compund and powerful oxidizer, chlorine dioxide, could be effectively used to reduce toxicity within the human body, as it has been done commerically and industrially for decades. Many have recovered from Hepatitis C, from diabetes, from cancer, TB, colds, flu, lupus, and many other diseases. More than 100,000 people in America has been treated with more than 11,000 bottles of the solution being sold each month as of March 2008. This book tells everything including how to make it in your own kitchen and even how to manufacture it. The Author said that he wants the world to know the secret. The information in this book can save your life, or that of a loved one. About the Author The Author was an aerospace research engineer during the cold war. He set up A-bomb tests, worked on intercontennental missiles, wired the first computer controlled machine in the US at Hughes Aircraft Co., worked on the moon vehicle, designed circuity for testing of space craft engines, and wrote manuals for vacuum tube computers. He opened his own gold mining company and created over 200 products including 5 books concerning new and safer methods of gold mining. After discovering the Miracle Mineral the author traveled to Africa and personally treated more than 2000 Victims of malaria. In America he has consulted with thousands of people who have claimed to recover from numerous diseases, many of which are considered to be incurable.

Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble, the man behind MMS: Miracle Mineral Supplement

December 30, 2008

Aerospace engineer Jim Humble’s third career started accidentally while on a gold prospecting trip in the jungle of Venezuela. There, using stabilized oxygen, he improvised an effective remedy for his colleagues who were stricken with malaria. As curious as he had always been in his life, he returned to his native US and wondered why the cure had worked so well.

The answers to his own questions led him to the development of a more powerful form of oxygen therapy, chlorine dioxide, which he called Miracle Mineral Supplement. With a mission to help the human race whatever he did, Jim made it widely available in the form of sodium chlorite which the user ‘activated’ by adding lemon juice or vinegar – and medical teams conducted 100,000 research trials in Africa where it was found that MMS would frequently relieve the symptoms of malaria in as little as four hours.

In this 75 minute interview, Jim talks with Project Camelot’s Bill Ryan about his life and work. Charming, engaging and passionate, Jim reveals his most interesting background in aerospace and mining engineering – careers few users of MMS will be aware of – and then goes into detail about how MMS works, his experience successfully treating not only malaria but hepatitis, cancer and AIDS, and his personal spiritual and philosophical perspective on everything he does.