Tributes from Around the World

This page is full of tributes sent in after Jim’s passing.  Some have been translated from their original language.  Jim was not a fan of black, so we are celebrating his life with some color.

Romans 8:28 ESV
And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.
I thank the Lord our God for this man. For His love for his Savior and his faithfulness in using what was revealed to him to help his fellow man. Countless people were healed with malaria and during the covid epidemic because of his love for people and God’s Word. Thank you Jim
Tessa – 9/5/2023 04:35:33
Discovering Jim’s work and legacy has changed my life, improved my health, and inspired me mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am proud to be a bearer of the light Jim Humble has cast out for the world to see. May we all endeavor to burn so bright and may he rest in peace. – JWM
John W Moore – 9/5/2023 04:37:24
I’m sipping chlorine dioxide right now Mr Humble.
Mark Bodiford – 9/5/2023 04:38:39
Hey Jim, you have transitioned to the other side! Won’t be long before I will be joining you at my current 85 years of age.
I remember all the emails we shared in the early days of CDS and CDH, and the one time we voice chatted. It was a pleasure to have met and worked with you.
Those who know of your humanitarian work will always remember your important contributions helping to heal those suffering from so many ailments.
Rest in peace, Jim Humble.
C L – 9/5/2023 04:45:59
Finding Jim’s work turned my life around completely, I will forever be grateful for all he’s done for humanity. His work gave me hope, strength and lead me to health and truth. He changed my whole world!
May your soul be in peace, Jim! I don’t have enough words to thank you for all you have given this world. You and your commitment will forever be cherished by millions <3
Triinu Reiter – 9/5/2023 04:46:44
Real genious
Real hero.
Posterty will honor your name.
Thank in behalf of humankind!
R. Giraldi MD – 9/5/2023 04:51:11
Jim your mission to save lives helped to save mine! I will never forget how doctors gave up, but you and your Bag Protocol helped to give me back mobility and helped fixed my brain.
I became a student of MMS, a Health Minister and Bishop. What you taught us will never leave me. Your fortitude of faith in how much good MMS could bring to the world, made you a target, but through God’s goodness and grace, you persevered.
Now your work lives on through those of us whom you guided with your books, your Newsletters, your emails, and very, very rare telephone conversations.
You’ll be missed, but your legacy remains. Lives will forever be saved because of your selfless sacrifices, to help restore health in humanity.
Sleep in peace Jim. Take your much needed rest my dear. May your soul RIP!
Medical Missionary,
MMS Health Minister.
Philippians 4:13.
Hebrews 13:16.
Medical Missionary – 9/5/2023 05:01:13
To a Soul who served all Souls I bow in deep gratitude and humility at the feet of such a being on Earth. ??
JudyM – 9/5/2023 05:01:31
Outmost admiration for the real super hero of era. Touched the life’s of well over 100 millions planet wide before his passing. Deepest condolences to the family as we is one with Jim Humble the best teacher ever.
Love you abuelo
Bernardo Becerra – 9/5/2023 05:05:57
Bernardo Becerra – 9/5/2023 05:07:55
Thank you Jim, the world is beautiful thanks to people like you. It was a pleasure to know you. Your legacy will continue to reach more people.
Reste in peace, Jim Humble
Diana – 9/5/2023 05:09:45
It was an honor meeting you a few times. You stood for Truth. Love you always
Tine – 9/5/2023 05:12:20
Jim, Thank you for listening to and following your intuition when you discovered the healing potentials of MMS/CDS. And, for bravely assisting and educating so many people and animals back to better health, even as you were warned not to do so! Your strong spirit will always be an inspiration for right actions. Many blessings and joy to you on your journey onwards. Much Aloha????
Eric Brandt – 9/5/2023 05:22:10
Gracias Jim, without your discovery I would not be who I’m today,
Thank you
Virginia – 9/5/2023 05:25:55
Dear Jim,
I feel extremely privileged for being able to be alive during the same time period as you. Unlike other people, I don’t have many years of experience using & promoting the therapeutic use of Chlorine Dioxide, but discovering its properties and finding out about your discovery became my passion in the last few years.
I thank you Jim and I honor your life.
I give you my word that as long as I live I will protect your legacy and will continue to tell others about your amazing discovery. I will follow what you asked the community to do, get trained and train others. Jim, we are YOUR Army!
I deeply regret not being able to talk to you when I had the chance. I guess I didn’t want to bother you, but I am thankful you got to realize how much progress it was done.
You will always be remembered my dear Jim.
Love Always & until we meet again,
Tanya CD (literally, Chlorine Dioxide is in my name!)
Tanya CD (Carmona Daniels) – 9/5/2023 05:27:44
I never had the honor of meeting you in person Jim but the impact you have had on my life is tremendous.
Through your teachings others will be helped and that’s what it is all about.
My team and I share MMS on a daily basis with many thousands of people. The healing stories are music to our ears.
God Bless you Brother
You Had Me at Truth – 9/5/2023 05:34:51
Thank you and God bless you.
Edson – 9/5/2023 05:45:48
If it were not for your discovery, I would never have met Mark Grenon and his sons who broadcasted MMS that then saved my life. Thank you, Jim, for your determination and dedication to man-kind. I know God has a special place for you in heaven. You are a heavenly ANGEL now and I look forward to meeting you one day. You have saved millions of lives. May you sleep in Peace until the coming of our LORD. GOD BLESSED YOU.
Lizellie – 9/5/2023 06:04:36
Dear Mr. Jim Humble, you changed my life forever. I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet you whether it be in person or on a phone call, but I hope you know that the spirit of you, Jim Humble, remains within me, Cody, and it always will. Forever and always.
My team and I, with Gods help of course, will proudly carry on your legacy and we will make sure that MMS is solidified as a CURE to all of these man made “diseases” that [THEY] have plagued us with.
I know you’re looking down just smiling because you’re well aware that God used you as a vessel. A vessel that can’t be compared to anything that I’ve ever seen with my own eyes.
The amount of lives that have been saved and changed because of Jim Humble’s discoveries with Chlorine Dioxide is astounding. There isn’t a word for it. It is everlasting.
You are FOREVER in our hearts. I can’t wait to meet you in God’s Kingdom some day. ??
Rest In Heavens Glory. ??
– Qody1776
Qody1776 – 9/5/2023 06:04:42
God Bless you, sister. ????
Qody1776 – 9/5/2023 06:18:54
Hello Jim,
I am deeply grateful for your work. I learnt from you almost 13 years ago. You changed my life for the better,
I do not know where I would be without your determination to help humanity. You have helped me in so many ways. Health-wise, I would be in a very, very different place if it wasn’t for what you did. It is not just important for now. It is also important for the future by helping me to avoid the risk of various health complications.
It was also your way of thinking that I liked and ultimately helped. You used critical thinking, which is what I do and need to do for myself. Have doubts and learn to distinguish between fact and belief.
You have helped so many people that many do not even know that you have helped them.
You are a true hero and you will always be remembered!
May your next life be prosperous and exciting with the ability to always do what you love to do!
Mig – 9/5/2023 06:22:43
Thank you for sharing your discovery with the people of the world. Your book changed my perspective on everything. Your honesty , bravery and willingness to do this for the betterment of mankind and to absorb all the he slings and arrows from the establishment is truly Epic. You are a true saint and a hero. Thank You , Sir.
Nick T (one) – 9/5/2023 06:37:07
I want to send my gratitute to this great human being. He helped more people than he’ll ever know. Lots of love, dear mister Humble
Carol – 9/5/2023 06:53:49
Goodbye my friend. Thank you. Rest in peace until we meet again.
Christiaan – 9/5/2023 06:59:38
Hi Jim rest in peace
Rudi – 9/5/2023 07:24:52
thankyou Jim… may you always be remembered for such a gifted legacy
Brian – 9/5/2023 07:39:04
Dear Jim,
You saved my life. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t lift up my arms or talk. I had declined into an extremely sick state, and didn’t think I would live past a few more months with what I found out was late stage Lyme disease. I started chlorine dioxide and in only a few weeks I was up and out of bed, and within 4 months I felt I could run a marathon.
I honor you and thank you. I will always share with others what you have given to this world.
Thank you. Rest in peace, and til we meet again!
Tuli – 9/5/2023 07:42:51
Jim Humble was a one off. A legend. A trailblazer. A pioneer. A true thinker. He pioneered a global self health movement that will continue to thrive in his absence and one that will now be even more motivated to spread his knowledge and wisdom to honour his name and legacy.
Anthony Carlin
Anthony Carlin – 9/5/2023 08:14:04
I just wanted to express my sincere condolences from my Great British Bird.UK Team & myself . Your work saved my life and I and my team have made it our mission in showing everyone who came to our channels your amazing work
We wish all your family All
Our love and want to say you JH are a legend and as such has been instrumental in saving Humanity from the corruption in Big Pharma
You Sir we adore and I will hold you forever dear to my Heart
Much love & respect
Clare Hocking – 9/5/2023 08:41:22
Thank for your legacy and all you gave us. You are in my heart forever??
ME – 9/5/2023 09:30:15
Thank you Mr. Humble. You made a huge impact in this world and gave hope where there was none. Jim Humble the true definition of humanitarian….??
Janet – 9/5/2023 09:51:42
Jim love ?? in appreciation of all the health – your sharing has brought the world and and being able to share some time with you in Mexico.
Peace and Blessings,
Guy Priano ~ loving what you created ??
Guy Priano – 9/5/2023 11:03:42
Dear Mr. Humble, it was a privilege for me to have learned about your career and discovery of MMS, which consequently I later learned about CDS. I will be eternally grateful to him for that wonderful legacy that he left for the whole world. May your soul rest in PEACE, I am sure that God will shelter you, in his arms, Amen.
Nelson Landrau Aquino – 9/5/2023 11:35:54
Jim’s work has been a blessing in my life. MMS solved many little problems and some not so little. Some live to be light in the darkness. Thaks God for Jim’s life, work and struggles.
´Beatriz – 9/5/2023 11:59:50
Mr Humble,
Thank you for obeying God and sharing what he taught you. I’m healing every day with CDS and I can’t help but tell everyone I know about it. Thank you!
Peaches – 9/5/2023 12:00:16
Thank you!
CDS has change everything!
I help my vax injured friends, gaut and so on.
I can talk all day about it!
You are my hero!
Sleep in peacefully!
Mariola – 9/5/2023 12:07:33
To the most honorable man, Jim Humble. A true humanitarian and Southern gentleman!
I’ve been studying about MMS and thanks to working with Dr Kalcker CDS. My main focus is to help animals as there are as many benefits to them as for humans…. Thank you so much for your courage to think outside the box and find a solution for diseases which has saved many lives… May your soul be at peace and at rest. ??
Kat Walker – 9/5/2023 12:32:22
Thanks for my cancer fix.
Bruce Freeman – 9/5/2023 12:32:45
Jim brought a great discovery to the world. It’s the responsibility of people who have freely received to freely give. We carry on. Spread the word about the free documentary and free training course about Chlorine Dioxide found at TheUniversalAntidote(dot)com.
Curious Outlier – 9/5/2023 12:37:27
Thank you for all the good work! Hope you may rest in peace ?????? condolences for family and friends …
Ray – 9/5/2023 12:49:40
Dearest Jim
Thank you for your invaluable contribution to mankind, ??
Shirley – 9/5/2023 12:57:33
Jim Humble,
Sending you a wave of Gratitude as powerful as your wish to help humanity and as vast as your hearts Generosity. Deep bow to your life’s work fuelled by purity of your intentions ???? ??
Nataliya – 9/5/2023 12:58:42
Will have a dose of 4 drops to commiserate Jim and his influence on all our lives – RIP Jim, you blessed us as humanity, thank you always
Sky – 9/5/2023 13:05:46
I am grateful to God for Jim Humble. Thank you for staying true to your conviction to bring your discovery to the world. My life is changed because of you.
Kasthuri Manogaran – 9/5/2023 13:15:09
Amazing man and you left an amazing legacy in the world. Leaving the world better off from knowing you. Xxxxxxxx
Grace – 9/5/2023 13:53:35
Jim. You Changed my life and help me help other. God bless you Jim. Im so proud to have met you personally. God bless you Jim. So sad to see you go. ????
Joe Rivas – 9/5/2023 13:54:58
Giving Thanks and Praises to you dear Jim Humble! Thanks you for shining and sharing your Love, Light and Blessings with all of Humanity. ???
Sam – 9/5/2023 14:02:14
Thank you so much for that marvellous legacy. Millions of people has benefited from the MMS. Rest in peace Mr Humble ??
Leslie – 9/5/2023 14:03:34
RIP Jim !
paradise is yours .
respect from french patients.
madness12 – 9/5/2023 14:15:29
Thank you Jim. You helped me and i will try to help others. DEP
Seb – 9/5/2023 14:27:08
Dear Jim: You were a light in the lives of many people. I am infinitely grateful for your knowledge and I wish you to rest in peace in a place full of love. There will be many of us who will continue to spread your message. Infinite love to you and my sincere condolences to your family.
Love you!!
Vivian Bay – 9/5/2023 14:28:07
Saved my Life a thousend time. Thank you. Rest in peace.
Melanie Woscidlo – 9/5/2023 14:30:37
Well done Jim. Now you SEE, better than ever. You’ve only just begun…. LOVE is the only key. You found it! We benefited from it. Thank YOU for laying your life down for TRUTH. Your ‘tools’ will be different from your new dimension, however, the message is the same. Love with Truth win. Thank YOU!
JudyB – 9/5/2023 14:52:49
Jim a hug to heaven.
Since about 20 years ago I came across the first book you had just written, you changed my life forever, because I made Chlorine Dioxide one of my life priorities, by using it and making it known.
When we met in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I also had to live with Andreas Kalcker and his still rudimentary beginnings in the elaboration of the CDS, I was even more encouraged to ride that huge wave of health that you started.
May God have you by his side
ralaco – 9/5/2023 14:56:32
Thanks Jim for your amazing work… I am alive today because of you … Rest in peace
Love Tony
Tony – 9/5/2023 15:11:00
My Dad, Jim Humble has always been an asperation in my life. He will be missed until we meet again.
Paris-Jean Humble – 9/5/2023 15:34:37
Let’s celebrate as the heavens receive our brother. He has fought a good fight, we blessed us with an unlimited intelligent knowledge. We will continue with the legacy. Thank you Mr Humble,
Jonathan Maphanga – 9/5/2023 15:48:01
Thank you Jim Humble for sharing your excellent knowledge. You gave us the antidote for good health saving every humans life possible on this earth . You will always be remembered as a great peace warrior . My deepest condolences to Jim Humbles family .
Maria Teresa Q. M. – 9/5/2023 16:15:38
Thank you for one of the most important discovery in my life! Thank you for standing the storm, always strong and sincere. May god bless you in heaven and may you be rewarded for spreading your knowledge….R.I.P
Jay Jessica Hauers – 9/5/2023 16:23:37
Thank you so much for bringing this amazing means of healing the body naturally! You have been an inspiration for my mom and me. We both have lyme. I am on day 9 of your MMS protocol and mom is on day 7. God Bless you young man and thank you for all you have done for humanity. You are greatly appreciated!
Jessica Austin – 9/5/2023 16:29:46
Rest in peace dear Jim. Thank you for giving to humanity all your knowledge about chlorine dioxide, you will live forever in our hearts.
Anabella Neri – 9/5/2023 16:32:08
You shared you work to the world, now anyone can benefit it. Thanks for this legacy.
Danny EL – 9/5/2023 16:39:15
Thank you Jim for everything you did for humanity. You should be wearing a crown. Hope to meet you someday.
Marci – 9/5/2023 17:09:14
Thank you for taking the arrows to bring us greater truths & Health. Welcome Home??
Donna – 9/5/2023 17:42:58
it is difficult to accept his departure but we have his memory, his wisdom and his love. He is the angel that shines brightest in heaven because here on Earth he had that light that radiated to those of us who knew him.
Blanca – 9/5/2023 17:52:43
Thanks for your legancy! The Ethernal Father is having you in heaven??
Lidia – 9/5/2023 18:04:57
RIP Jim and may you be glorifying GOD’S LOVE FOR YOU. Go raibh mile agat. Trich
Trich – 9/5/2023 18:09:17
RIP Jim, may you be GLORIFYING IN GOD’S LOVE. Go raibh mile maith agat Trich
Trich – 9/5/2023 18:10:22
Hey thanks my friend for this long time to use and propulse the healt of body we are my best friend for your reserch we have done à New direction of my life on this world .
I Nevers forget you .
Im calling for use the mms and i m do not shut my mouth on the internet link.
Rest in peace friend love you…..
JelielLR Officiel ??
AgitateurOfficieldesreseaux ??
JelielLROfficiel – 9/5/2023 18:19:45
A true hero in the fight for humanity’s health.We are so fortunate to have had his enlightening advise.Thank’s Jim!??
Little Tree – 9/5/2023 18:24:05
Rest in peace great Jim the humble
Zaid – 9/5/2023 18:24:48
Thank you Jim for all you gave and teach us. Thank you for helping so many people and special thanks for teaching us how to live a HUMBLE life. You will always be among us.
ALEJANDRO LOPEZ V – 9/5/2023 18:29:41
Rip the great hero and warrior of God! May God give you a beautiful light and accept all the work you were set on this earth to help humanity! We will keep your legacy going forward! May God give your family comfort in this difficult time! You will be missed dearly ??! Never forgotten !
Diamond – 9/5/2023 18:32:40
A great, great thanks for what you have given the world.
Stef – 9/5/2023 18:42:40
RIP enjoy traveling with the stars
MMS helped us so many times all around the worl. I wish everyone a happy, peaceful and enlightened life.
Andrea & Hannes – 9/5/2023 19:09:53
I had the good fortune of meeting Jim a couple of times and spending a few weeks in his company. I was blessed to meet this great man. Many people are aware of what a truly great man Jim Humble was. Condolences to all of his family and friends!
Greg Lien – 9/5/2023 19:43:28
Many thanks Jim Humble..a true humanitarian ..
Geoffrey Tonks – 9/5/2023 19:58:10
Dear Jim, thank you for your selfless service to humanity. Through you I discovered MMS many years ago and being a vivid traveller, I always took it with me to many different countries in my first aid kit. You would have been so thrilled to learn how many people, fellow travellers and locals alike, with all sorts of different symptoms and ailments found amazing healing through your discovery. The “liquid gold” that you taught us about is a blessing for the world.
Rest in peace! ??
Roundtheworld – 9/5/2023 20:00:44
Thank you, Jim. Rest in peace. ??
Jin – 9/5/2023 20:03:44
Jim saved my life, thanks to MMS I cured colon cancer stage IV, he is our savior, God bless his soul!
Muki – 9/5/2023 20:08:36
So very sad to hear this news, he was a brilliant kind man. He will be missed by many on this earth plane but now he transitioned to higher realms his work will continue to help human and animal kingdoms. RIP till we meet up again.
Thelma – 9/5/2023 20:19:14
Thanks Jim Humble for this wonderful finding. I have been using MMS for a decade now. Fortunately only in superficial problemas: fungus, insects bites, pulmonar problmes, inside cleaning, general maintenace, but it feels like you have an one-for-all remedy.
Maria Jesus Casado – 9/5/2023 20:29:44
May you rest in piece! Thank you for sharing MMS with the world. You have saved so many lives. You will be greatly missed.
Sunshinegirl6431 – 9/5/2023 20:40:47
Sorry to lose you but so grateful for your contribution to mankind. We keep it around.
Steven Abell – 9/5/2023 20:54:16
Bulgaria knows about chlorine dioxide. We carry Jim in our hearts. God forgive him and the world be his way. Jim Bulgaria thanks you for the thousands cured with chlorine dioxide ??
Bulgaria – 9/5/2023 21:03:30
Alwsys with us, because all are one. Till forever.
Carmen Martínez farre – 9/5/2023 21:16:24
Thank you Jim Humble????
Per – 9/5/2023 21:29:31
God bless your soul, Thank you!
John Youssef – 9/5/2023 21:50:09
Rest in Power, Jim Humble. Thank you for your work. I cured my SIBO using MMS in three weeks.
A.K. – 9/5/2023 21:53:16
JIM you have helped me and my dog so very much! you will always be in my heart. Godspeed
freesiagirl – 9/5/2023 21:53:31
Thank you very much Jim for your gift ! RIP
Benoît – 9/5/2023 21:59:42
GOD bless this lovely man. He taught us the meaning of his namesake, by graciously sharing his gifts with everyone, rich and poor. He never sought to profit off of this discovery as I’m sure he realized it was a gift from GOD. I believe he knew he was just the messenger. Happy that he gets to view the tribulations from a peaceful spot on high. Well earned.????
Maggie – 9/5/2023 22:43:19
Heaven gained an angel. Rest in peace Sir. Our World is a better place because of you. Love in Christ. ??
Tamara – 9/5/2023 22:43:31
Jim, you’ve finished your work and done it well! Darkness was not able to snuff out the brilliant truth released through your humble work. Many have been blessed and will be blessed by your life and discoveries. Thank you for your bravery and humble dedication to the sort of truth that empowers and sets humanity free once more!
Mary – 9/5/2023 22:44:35
Humble Jim, you were indeed humble because you didnt keep de secret of the healing with MMS for yourself , instead, you gave it to the World despite persecution and difamation. Rest in the light of Godess, of our Mother.
Nydia Ocelocihuatl – 9/5/2023 22:49:54
God bless you Jim a gentle giant thanks for spending your life helping others
Noel – 9/5/2023 22:52:14
God Bless you Jim and thank you for being a true humanitarian. Thank you for the stance you took and the amount of lives you saved. I recently discovered mms and shared it with love ones and friends..SIP Mr.Humble
Lee – 9/5/2023 23:01:14
God Bless you Jim.. Thank you for being a true humanitarian. I recently discovered mms myself. I shared it with family and friends.. SIP Mr.Humble
Lee – 9/5/2023 23:04:06
God bless you Jim. Thank you for the gift you left humanity. May you rest well in paradise & your friends and family find comfort.
Rachael – 9/5/2023 23:23:00
Thank you Jim. RIP. ??????
Hiram – 9/5/2023 23:24:40
A true humanitarian, thank you for all your contributions.
Peace and God Bless you.
KC – 9/5/2023 23:28:52
A persons life may come to an end in this realm , but having fulfilled ones purpose his/her ideals live on forever . Gd bless you Jim righteous Noachide who will live on forever. One cannot begin to estimate the value of millions of lives .
Hoshana Foundation – 9/5/2023 23:31:46
Thank you Jim. A true Knight in shining armour for the world. You and the GREAT men and woman who followed your protocol getting it out to the masses have suffered ridicule and horrific abuse to get your humanitarian aid and message out. I am so grateful I met you personally online several years ago after you had just written your first book. You will be sorely missed. God speed.
P Green – 9/5/2023 23:43:49
God Bless you Brother! It has been my greatest pleasure in life to stand beside you while we help others to achieve healing through the teachings of Jim Humble and Mark Grenon.
You Had Me at Truth – 9/5/2023 23:51:20
There are special gifts each one of us came….But when our God sent you Jim Humble…your gift of helping so unselfishly has mad an amazing difference in the life’s of multitudes….May your labor of love for humanity live on the hearts of all of hose you have helped with your amazing discoveries…rest in the arms of our loving God
Maria – 9/5/2023 23:56:57
Jim was a blessed soul, from whom we all could learn the importance of sharing, not for our own benefit, but the benefit of us all. Despite the opposition he endured, he kept true to his course. Millions of lifes have been saved. May it be billions soon.
Marco – 9/6/2023 00:04:01
Jim, go on to a place where MMS isn’t needed! You earned it!
Patricia Aiken – 9/6/2023 00:04:37
Jim Humble: a legendary friend to all humanity. For we who were blessed to be a part of your grand adventure, there are no regrets. See you soon Jim.
Daniel at al (PGL) – 9/6/2023 00:07:41
May God receive you in his loving arms thanking you for all you did for his little ones. RIP love forever ????????
Rosario Guerra – 9/6/2023 00:14:50
I am a Muslim from Kuwait and I ask God to have mercy on you and accept you with the righteous. I am very sad about this news and I wish you a better life next to God… I will take calcium hypochlorite today to remember you… Goodbye, angel.
Kuwaity – 9/6/2023 01:00:18
Jim Humble you have given us an amazing gift of healing. We are grateful for your kind and generous gift. You and your work will be shared and remembered always and forever. Rest in peace Jim. ????
Lee – 9/6/2023 01:16:41
Thank you Jim, my heart is with your family. I imagine you are back home and doing what you enjoy and working joyfully for the universal all. As a young woman, I worked as a volunteer Nurse in Papua New Guinea. I wish I had known about MMS then. It is definitely part of my first aid kit now and I have personally used it as a detox.
Janet Dougherty – 9/6/2023 01:21:50
God bless you, Jim. I am a faithful follower. See you in the hereafter.
Jeanne Liberato – 9/6/2023 01:48:48
Thanks jim, you’re a great man
leo – 9/6/2023 02:04:36
Did his job well, amidst adverse world, He did his job ….. I owe him ,we owe him….and all those benefitted from his courage, suffering and sorrow and success…..Rest in peace brother
L Ananth srinivas – 9/6/2023 02:11:33
My light
My love
My blessings
You deserve to be on peace
I wish you be on peace
I have faith you are in peace
Thanks thanks thanks
Din – 9/6/2023 02:15:47
Humble Jim
You are peace. Humble by name and nature
We will live and have learned from your presence. Thankyou
Colleena – 9/6/2023 02:50:17
There are no words of gratitude i can write to give thanks to this beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your healing knowledge to humanity. My family and I are forever grateful. Thank you Jim Humble.
May GOD always Bless you.
‘Til we meet again.
Fuerte Abrazo!
Anthony Portillo – 9/6/2023 02:52:25
There are no words of gratitude i can write to give thanks to this beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your healing knowledge to humanity. My family and I are forever grateful. Thank you Jim Humble.
May GOD always Bless you.
‘Til we meet again.
Fuerte Abrazo!
Anthony Portillo – 9/6/2023 02:54:38
Jim’s dedication to improving health and his tireless efforts to find cures for various ailments have left an indelible mark on the lives he touched. His legacy will continue to inspire us to seek solutions and make a difference in the world of health and wellness.
During this time of mourning, let us remember the positive impact Jim had on all of us and the countless individuals he helped along the way. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and loved ones.
In memory of Jim Humble, let us continue his mission to promote better health and healing for all.
Mark Grenon
MARK GRENON – 9/6/2023 03:31:50
Jim I see your light in the sky that will shine forever. It is a bright light that spreads the love among us. It shows us the beauty of helping each other. That is the purpose of living with dignity. Thanks for sharing your humility with us. Thanks for being part of my life.
Chris M – 9/6/2023 04:44:25
Dear friends and family of Jim Humble,
I’ve been into alternate healing methods for many, many years and have known about his work for over a decade, and followed his stories closely. I have been greatly inspired by his kind persistence to help people find renewed health, even to the point of being forced to move away from his own country in order to pursue his intentions. He has been a champion of helping people with his discovery of MMS, and I am grateful for his contribution to humanity. I lost contact with his websites somewhere along the way, but was so excited when I found his channel at Telegram. I am beyond thankful!
My deepest condolences to you, for this great loss. He was a more amazing man his whole life than some may know. Everyone should read about his life. He was truly one of the greatest people ever. His legacy will live on in the lives of those who have been helped by his selfless efforts.
May God bless and may your sorrow be comforted.
One thankful follower,
Kathleen Tietsort
Kathleen Tietsort – 9/6/2023 04:53:59
I started using the famous MMS from Jim…. So many years ago…. 20+ years ago! Family and friends thought I was crazy. Instead, it was revolutionary and amazing! It took some years to get more information, research and studies but I kept using it for everything, and it worked! I remember when I took up to like 16 drops of activated CD (MMS) at night before going to bed! That was a bit challenging (LOL)
That was then and now… with different protocols, still works. With the partnership of Jim Humble and Andreas Kalcker, we have learned so much more! What a great evolution MMS has had. Jim was the most important building block for all that we have today.
I would have loved to have met him. I hope that he knew the impact he had and still has and always will by discovering chlorine dioxide.
Sending love and light to the family for healing from loosing a loved one. It is never a good time to loose a loved one.
There are certain people we think we will never see part, and then again… we all have a due date and we will all move on at some point.
I celebrate today the wonderful human being Jim was! Jim was definitely an asset to society. Thank You!
Monica Shoukair – 9/6/2023 04:57:42
Thank you for the great work you have done in these impossible and amazing times.
MMS has been the ray of light in this almost darkness like times.
It has empowered me immensely and enabled me to help people around me.
Thank you Jim Humble.
RIP. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.
V M – 9/6/2023 07:10:53
My dear friend, Jim. I can’t believe the time has come to say goodbye. The 2 years that you lived with me as a part of my family are forever etched in my heart and mind. As I told you in February of 2011 when I went to the Dominican Republic to thank you for the answers to my prayers I told you I would do as you have done. Here I am after 13 years and 100,000+ people knowing that there is a solution and that you brought it to us, the masses. You are a true humanitarian. I am grateful to have been able to have known your children Paris and James. I am so very sorry for their loss. And your beautiful, caring wife of 10 years, Cari. She took such good care of you. Always making sure you were perfect. She will miss you. My heart is broken. This news seems so final. I hope you carry in your heart how much I love you and I always will. You are one of the greatest blessings in my life. Forever and always. Your friend and family of the heart. Kerri Rivera ??
Kerri Rivera – 9/6/2023 07:29:03
Thank you Jim Humble, my daughter was bed ridden after the hpv vaccine, a man who had known you years ago told me about MMS and so we tried it, within weeks my daughter was able to get out of bed and is now able to work and live again, God bless you always, forever grateful to you for taking the courage to let people know about this miracle cure we use it for every ailment now.
Mir – 9/6/2023 08:23:17
Jim you will be in heaven as you saved so many lives through your discovery MMS, killed malaria, COVID, so many other illnesses and cancer, you were sent to us by God. God bless you for ever and enjoy your new beautiful life. Thanks
Norma – 9/6/2023 12:46:47
This is good news. Dearest Jim, you have been a true Freedom Fighter here in this realm. You are now on the other side of the veil, with no boundaries, no one to hinder you, and in full power mode, just in the nick of time! My condolences to family for the loss of a great man. My congratulations to the Cosmos for regaining a warrior. On behalf of the world, we thank you for your service to humanity, Jim Humble! Salute! ~ Julie B
Julie B – 9/6/2023 13:18:53
May God forever bless your family for the sacrifices you all have made to heal God’s children. Your father was a pioneer and courageous. From all of the comments, all over the world, it is evident what he did helped so many and will continue. I wish I could have known him but will continue to carry his torch! God bless your family????
Evie Green – 9/6/2023 13:59:24
Thanks for your legacy now anyone can benefit..thanks so much
Love always
Essau Landa Egan – 9/6/2023 14:16:36
He was a true hero to humanity. We will always remember him as the great human being that he was and who saved many lives.
Carlos – 9/6/2023 15:11:16
Jim, your life has positively helped with pharma’s death. Thank you. Rest In Peace
n0tdave – 9/6/2023 15:14:53
Jim knew you helped the message to reach millions. You opened doors that were closed to his personal brand, and even more people benefitted from his sacrifices.
Yes, we carry on, as it’s even more serious now than before.
Thanks Curious Outlier!
Medical Missionary – 9/6/2023 15:17:26
To whom much is given, much is expected. It’s an honor to work alongside you both, Lana and Cody, to help Jim’s mission stay alive.
Hebrews 13:16 NKJV
But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.
Medical Missionary – 9/6/2023 15:23:11
#RIP and #ThankYou
William D. – 9/6/2023 15:31:23
Thank you so much for the Millions lives you saved, for the millions live you improved and for all the other millions lives that can be saved or improved in the future.
Thanks you so much from the bottom of my heart.
Manuel Zanghi – 9/6/2023 15:40:13
Some angels on earth, do not have wings, Jim is an angel that now has his wings. Love and prayers to the family ??
Immortal Soul – 9/6/2023 16:09:18
I love watching you work in the vineyard. Jim would be pleased. Iron sharpens Iron my Sister.
Proverbs 2: 6-8
6 For the LORD gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.
7 He stores up sound wisdom for the upright; He is a shield to those who walk with integrity,
8 To guard the paths of justice and protect the way of His saints.
Medical Missionary – 9/6/2023 16:17:53
It is very sad news. The good people are leaving and those who should leave remain. Jim Humble, the world champion of humanity. Your name will remain high.
kutaiba Asfari – 9/6/2023 16:26:43
Dear legend Jim Humble,
You are my hero
You saved my life from darkness of what’s so called developmental disorder which is actually chronic side effects of childhood vaccinations.
My life changed dramatically since I took first pill of MMS2 back in February 2016.
That was the moment when I realized that my childhood was ruined too tho, since after living through 23 years with a fucked up brain I got to know what a normal body was like. It was really shocking.
But no regret. I am really happy to be normally functioning.
Tou saved my life. And surprisingly I’m just one of millions.
You gave chances to live actual lives to so many people.
I really wanted to meet you on the earth but unfortunately I couldn’t make it.
But your death reminded me of the way to live as a real man.
Recently my soul was half dead and I was considering to change myself into a totally selfish man cuz of so many personal issues but you, my role model, my hero gave it back to me with this news.
You saved my life twice.
Now, in order to meet you after the end of my life, in order to catch up with you, I’ll start trying to live my life like you lived your life.
See you soon Jim, my hero, the true legend.
Hayate Saito
Hayate Saito – 9/6/2023 16:38:55
Humanity Shall never forget a humble man who gave his wisdom and love for the health of all of us.
Thank you, Jim! We love you and you will never be forgetted!
Rest in peace, in God’s hands!
Anamaria Guta – 9/6/2023 17:48:16
He walked with God just like Enoch.
Jesus Follower – 9/6/2023 18:34:19
What a great discovery you had Jim, and for all the people around the World that you helped! if only the Main Stream Medical Society could wake up and recognize the true Miracle you found. I wish you well in your travels on the other side. Sending you Love & Light
Matt – 9/6/2023 18:43:43
Sending deepest sympathies to all his family. A great man who will be sadly missed
Cheryl Mcduff – 9/6/2023 19:29:25
Dear Jim. My full recognition to your work. You saved the lives of many person’s and never expected anything in return. You will always live in our hearts.
My deepest condolences to your family and Friends. You will always live in our hearts.
Yanela Zamora – 9/6/2023 20:12:43
You are still walking with us Jim Humble…There is just a thin veil between this realm and the one you are now walking through. While you dropped your body… your eternal spirit will forever live in the hearts and lives of all you touched. Bringing MMS to the world opened the door for us to follow in your footsteps. God Bless you Jim… for the light you are.
Gyan Bohannon – 9/6/2023 20:19:56
Thank you for your great contribution to mankind! God Bless! ~T~
Tony Christian – 9/6/2023 21:24:17
Mr Jim, a deep thank you!
We will keep fighting with truth againt the evil, they won’t win.
Peace and strenght to your family.
Jorge – 9/6/2023 23:38:13
So very deeply shocked and saddened by this loss. While heaven may have gained an angel, we’re left with a terrible void at a time when great humanitarians are needed more than ever. His contributions were great; and through his wisdom, generosity, and wealth of knowledge he helped so many. May he rest in peace.
LibertyLiz – 9/7/2023 00:46:10
You did well Jim. I thank you.
I still have the 28% sodium chlorite I got back in 1998.
You will be missed.
Viking – 9/7/2023 07:05:25
I stumbled across Mr Humble while I was searching for anything to fight off the hot topic of 2020. I bought your book and Dr Andrews Kalkers too. Your testimony in Africa testing the ppl positive to AIDS, HIV and Maleria and several hrs later the footage shows a negative test appear. And the list of things this stuff reverses is mind boggling. My 15 yr old Jack Russell was developing cataracts and 3 wks later began to vanish. Two yrs later and she can still see and never bumps into furniture. At $40 and on the same bottle 2 yrs later sir you are a jewel. Oh yes, forgot to mention that you don’t even have anything to do with the sales not draw anything from the marketing. You truely are humble, Mr Humble. Then to discover that CD makes us alkaline and helps fight off so many diseases including the latest one also. Thank you sir for not sitting on this and for sharing what you learned about how CD saved the lives of those two men on your journey into the caves digging for gold. God bless you sir. I am honored to have lived during any portion that you did too.
Vickie Calhoun – 9/7/2023 07:36:21
I learned this news with sadness. I know that all people who knew him will keep his memory alive.
Personally I heard from him when i was in Taiwan. With my Homeopathy background and my TCM practice , i know that biology can continue to be enhance. With all my gratitude to rhe followers on life search.
Olivier Royer France Bandol riviera
Royer Olivier wealthytao – 9/7/2023 08:38:55
Thank you Jim! You have changed my world!
Paola – 9/7/2023 11:08:29
Jim saved my life! When my general practitioner failed me calling my black mold symptoms “psychosomatic”. To be true that is a big word for that idiot ion a lab coat, but I wanted to punch his mouth and tell him that the pain was psychosomatic. I was left hopeless until I found out about MMS. I knew this product worked in seconds as I was able to breath in fresh air for the first time in months! I was cured completely in roughly seven months. That does not happen in Western medicine! See you on the other side Jim Humble.
Walt Gaffert – 9/7/2023 12:48:46
My sincere gratitude for your work and love you have spread in this world. ????
Daan – 9/7/2023 13:08:46
Jim has already saved my butt in so many ways even though we’ve never met — UTI’s, brain fog, fatigue, histamine reactions, congestion… way better. So many improvements. I’m so grateful for him and for the woman who shared about these processes with me.
The Kitty – 9/7/2023 13:51:19
Thank you so much Jim. What a wonderful soul you are, placed here to help so many people. Your legacy will live on. RIP God bless you.
paul kay – 9/7/2023 15:34:50
So this is farewell. I hope you come in a better place, for all, here, we can never proof if something comes after this. So if you are somewhere else, and you can still see, hear or feel this message, a absolute super thank you for fighting, spreading the knowledge and saving many lives.
Great men are rare these days, you where/are one of them.
I’m glad that I found your knowledge, and am able to use it.
And as long as you are safe with it, it does work.
That’s by own experience from saving my kat who had FIP.
I saw, investegated, and was confronted with decied and fals information from vets around that topic.
The medical industry is often a sick platform, and the way you stood up to it, deserve a statue.
You where/are a shinning light in these dark times.
As long as i’m around, your knowledge will live, and I’m sure others will do the same and keep it alive.
So a big homage to you, my friend.
I bless you.
Jurgen – 9/7/2023 17:25:39
see you in the after life dear friend , rest well please , may god bless you eternally
mariam – 9/7/2023 18:06:08
Amazing Man many thanks for what you have done for everyone. This has helped me and many others God bless you ?? ??.
Kevin Neshausen – 9/7/2023 19:43:35
Rest in Peace your beautiful soul Jim Humble. Your selfless endeavours to improve the health and well being of humanity, no matter what race, nationality, religion or class, shows those of us who are lucky enough to not live under the veil of enchantment, that there still are amazing people out there. You helped countless people and God’s creatures as your life’s work. I am sure that you are by God’s side now. Thank you for all that you did from the bottom of my heart.
Darren Jones – 9/7/2023 21:27:12
Thank you Jim! The first time I saw you in a video explaining about “mms” I knew in my heart that you were telling the truth. Since then, I have used it (along with CDS) and I know that it works. I have joined with others to do all I can to help others learn about this miracle solution to help with their health. You are a great and kind man and you have helped so many with their quality of life. We will continue to share this wonderful substance so that the world can heal from disease.
Brian Stone – 9/8/2023 00:44:49
God bless you and keep you — forever! Thank you for freely giving the entire world the healing you discovered. It has saved many lives, including a beloved family member of mine, and my life also! What a huge contribution you have made on this earth. I look forward to meeting you one day in heaven.
Pellyn – 9/8/2023 03:27:43
Thank you god for the life of your Humble son, and for the gifts You gave us through our friend Jim. Be praised Father and welcome your children.
Christophe Marie – 9/8/2023 05:18:01
My condolences to the family of Jim Humble. Thank you is not enough for finding MMS and giving it to the world as you did!! It is changing the whole course of my life and blessing me so much. The world is a better, more livable place for us having your work and discoveries. I’m so thankful God used you to bring such healing to the earth. Peace to your family. My eternal gratitude!!
Arla Pieper – 9/8/2023 05:33:17
We carry on the light. He is now immortal.
Kai Hackemesser – 9/8/2023 08:11:29
Jim bless you. Thank you. Rest in peace my friend. I will continue your mission, the mission you brought me in after I travelled to the Dominican Republic in 2011 to train with you. In 2015 you personally me invited me to Mexico to update my knowledge and I am so grateful and happy to you for that opportunity. You changed planet Earth! In my mind you are a Saint. For ever, with love and blessings. :Leon: Edwards.
Leon Edwards – 9/8/2023 11:03:54
Hi Jurgen
What was the protocol that you used to cure your cat of FIP, thank you in advance?
Velvet – 9/8/2023 16:28:20
You were a great man and saved thousands of lives that no western doctor could even imagine to save. You weren’t even a doctor but stumbled upon the greatest cure for mankind. RIP my friend!!!
Ron P – 9/9/2023 07:29:26
You said it perfectly Aria! Because of Mr. Humble I continue to share the good news of MMS.
tamra – 9/9/2023 07:51:47
I love you, Jim! I LOVE YOU! Please remain as our Spirit Guide to help us continue your work!
Carmen Vazquez – 9/9/2023 16:38:28
Loved your discovery. Thanks from the core of my heart.
Binod – 9/9/2023 18:23:52
The discovery of Jim’s work was for me like a blessing from heaven. I love the way he explained things and his love towards mankind. Thanks to the reading of his book, I came across Andreas Kalcker and I share whenever the opportunity is there, the benefits of Chlorine Dioxide. Dear Jim I wish you a blessed journey in that other realm, and all my gratitude for your great work.
Giovanni – 9/9/2023 20:46:39
You have had a great life on this planet ! It was a pleasure sitting next to you New Years 2021 and hearing your knowledge firsthand, you are an incredible man until we meet again ??
Lynn Brezden – 9/10/2023 04:17:33
Sólo puedo decir: Gracias gracias gracias
María Salud – 9/10/2023 07:35:12
Jim Humble a man of Devinity!
Buzz – 9/10/2023 07:56:54
In 2017, Muhammad Kilani introduced me to The Miracle Drink by Jim Humble I watched Jim for the first time on YouTube explaining one of his protocols and he was counting the points and I found it wild and funny at the same time. I got excited and bought his book and read his story and found that he is a great man who served humanity. I decided to try the miracle drink and it tasted bad at first, but over time I got used to it. This drink is not good. My understanding is complete, thank you very much, I am very grateful to you for giving light to humanity and peace to your pure soul.
??? – 9/10/2023 12:26:32
My Deepest Condolences to the family and friends.Thank you for all the lives you have saved . Especially Gene Decode and countless others.
Dear Mr Humble you will be in our new History Books For your Beautiful Mind & Spirit & The Gift Of Healing.Thank you ,Thank you.
Jean – 9/10/2023 14:20:44
What a wonderful man who changed our lives for 20+ years, and the lives of many more, Jim Humble will be sorely missed but thankfully his Disciples will carry on his legacy ??????; thank you from the bottom of our hearts for healing/saving so many lives; you’re an Angel ????????
K+J Seidel – 9/10/2023 17:34:21
Jim Humble sounded like an amazing man. It’s because of Jim Humble that although small my ears are no longer getting clogged. Health has never been batter in my life. Thanks Jim Humble! You will be missed.
John Doe – 9/10/2023 20:16:40
In memory of…
Thank you for spreading this cure!
Wojciech Sobasik – 9/10/2023 20:22:49
God bless you ?? dear Jim, beloved saviour, for your awakening work – that has benefitted both the health and awareness of us who are tuned to hear you.
You helped me clear my body … and open my eyes??.
Yes, I will be careful.
Thank you so very much for your amazing Being??x
Susie Randall – 9/11/2023 08:40:53
Dear Friends,
We would like to express our deepest sympathy, love, and respect to the family of our beloved friend Jim Humble, who dedicated his life to the search of health and healing life, and showed us the way to a better health.
May this teacher now rest in peace in paradise.
To his family we give our sincerest condolences and embrace in this moment of sorrow, and we implore of the Good Lord that he may send His Comforter with His blessings.
With all our love and blessings,
Ivana – 9/11/2023 14:42:26
It is attestation to Jim all the messages reaching out to him in heaven. He was truly an inspirational person and warned us all to keep watch for trouble. All this is sound advice. Be careful out there, check and recheck everything.
Angela – 9/11/2023 14:43:22
Godspeed, Jim. What a fascinating, varied life you forged in your latest ‘waking dream’ in 3D. Thanks so much for your wellness intel.
Seonaid – 9/11/2023 15:53:21
Thank You and God bless Jim Humble ! ??
TangleF – 9/11/2023 17:18:16
All I want to say is: Thank You!
Ting – 9/11/2023 19:04:41
Jim Humble is a truly wonderful person. A modern day hero. God only knows how many lives Jim has saved. God bless you and RIP!
Doc – 9/11/2023 22:11:26