Jim Humble was all about “keeping it simple”. He was simple and practical and of course, logical. But he was always about making things simple so people could “get it”. He was about making things “doable” “reachable” “attainable”. This was reflected in many things he taught and wrote. While he delved into the “science” of things, he was not so focused on explaining the more complex things to the masses who often have neither the time nor the patience, or even the understanding for such details. Nor was he focused on the “big words” and “fancy speech”. He was concerned about simply helping people know how to get well and stay well. He brought things down to the common man’s level.

He believed in learning by teaching. “If you have to teach it”, he said, “You not only teach another, but you solidify your own learning as well”. That said, Jim was extremely smart/intelligent. He was an inventor. He came up with some amazing things. He definitely had help from beyond—from another realm.

He brought out that in today’s world there is great measure of “science falsely so called”. He advocated looking at what and who is behind any given thing, be it a study, research, papers, etc.

He never passed up a needy situation without trying to do something about it. Whether helping a beggar on the street, or helping to solve some other more complex situation.

He always fixed things, and was pretty ingenious about doing so. He was always giving, and never worried about himself, or if he did, he never showed it.

He was always content in whatever state he was in. I suppose you could say he made the best out of every situation. He used to say, “I’m not going to spend my time disliking things.”

He was determined to enjoy life and he had fun doing what he did. One time, I was more or less dreading the actual “travel part” of a trip we needed to embark on—the thought of wading through all the crowds in the airport, lifting heavy luggage and standing in long lines, facing possible delays, sitting for long hours on flights, etc. was weighing on me. “Travel is not what it used to be”, I said. Jim’s reply to me was, “Sweetie, I’m just going to resign myself to enjoy the ride. I’m going to have fun on this trip, even in the airports and on the planes.” And he did. So convicting! Thankfully, I followed his advice—it sure made travels so much easier to simply go with the flow.

He was always appreciative and thankful–showing appreciation to others. He always gave credit to whom credit was due.

He was deeply grieved by man’s inhumanity to man. He was about humanity, the whole of humanity, not only ministering to an elite few. He treated the poor man on the street and the high up official in any given country the same.

He practiced what he preached which was, “Always do the right thing.” Jim was truly the embodiment of integrity. He was genuinely unassuming.

If he was wrong about something, he was always willing to admit it and change. He embraced advancements with chlorine dioxide, he was all for it and was always experimenting with new ways himself. At the same time, he advocated what was tried and proven. In my observations, I think there is something to be said for “old school” methods. Though Jim always embraced the new, at the same time, he was old school in various ways and for a good reason. He advocated “balance.”

He wanted to take the confusion out of chlorine dioxide. This is why he wrote the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook. Today, a few people may regard Jim’s formulas as outdated. But as Jim believed, there is something to be said about the original MMS/CD formula. Not to discard the advancements, or the “new” in any way—only to say, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

He insisted on finding what works in each individual situation. If something wasn’t working for someone, he patiently dug deep until he found out why. He wasn’t about being “in a box”. He knew every situation was unique and said it was important to find what works each time, for each person, in the time and place they were at. This in part, prompted him writing up the Three Golden Rules of MMS/CD, and he pointed back to these all the time. He said, “The Three Golden Rules really are the key to getting well”, and, he said, “These Golden Rules work for all health recovery technologies”.

The first person he experimented on, was always himself. He was his own experiment.

He loved to laugh. When others would suggest he worked too much, he would say, “But I am having fun at what I do”.

He loved poetry and wrote some himself. He would recite some of his own poems for others, and was known for quoting the infamous story of Dan McGrew.

He passed over from this realm on Sept 1, 2023, peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones. The “powers that be” tried to put a muzzle on him. Yet Jim is not out of commission, he passed over to fight for humanity from a new vantage point. He has a new mission now. He endorsed and taught longevity, that one could live to 100 and sometimes beyond. But more than that, he said the most important thing is to accomplish what one is here on this Earth to achieve. Jim did that, he brought the miracle mineral to the world, just as he vowed he would do when he was back in the jungle in 1996. That is when he said he found the “real gold” and his “gold” mining days were over, as he set out to bring his true fortune to the world.

Now others carry his torch. If you want to commemorate this unique individual, please consider the following:

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To put this paragraph in a box? A few days before Jim transitioned as he was sleeping, I literally saw many glowing orbs of light around him–with my eyes wide open, I sat at his side for a long period of time engulfed in peace as I watched the beings. I had a sense it was a time of preparation–that Jim was being “prepared” for something. When he woke, I shared the experience with him. I explained to him what I saw around him as he lay in bed. He calmly said to me, “I know, Sweetie, I saw them too”. I was rather amazed, I don’t know why, but excitedly I asked, “You saw them?” and again, he calmly said to me, “Yes, but I always see them”. To my surprise I asked, “You do? You always see angels, why didn’t you tell me? to which he responded, “I don’t know, I guess I forgot.” To him it seemed that seeing angelic beings all around was a normal event.