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Many people write me and ask where they can order MMS. Or, they write me asking questions about their purchase of products, thinking they bought them from me. I want to clarify here, that I do not sell MMS. I only provide books and various materials for educational purposes regarding health recovery.

If you have purchased MMS online and you think you bought it from me, you didn’t. Unfortunately, some websites give the impression that their site is mine—either by using my name and picture, or writing as if they are me. Well, if you come to a website that is selling sodium chlorite, activator solution and other MMS products and so on, you know it’s not my personal site, because I do not sell these items.

Here are two search engines that list suppliers of MMS products, which might possibly be able to help you and which I hope provide a good product:

wpsuppliers (wps.land)       or        genesis2church

That said, please note that these suppliers are independent of me, and because I do not have personal direct involvement with their making of the product or checking their product at regular intervals, I cannot take responsibility for the products they provide. Should you purchase supplies from any of these sources and encounter problems with your shipment or the goods, please directly contact the supplier from whom you purchased your supplies with your questions.

Here are some guidelines on how to test if your MMS is the correct formula:

Test One:

Test the color of your drops when you mix MMS with the acid activator. In a clean, dry, white cup or clear glass, mix 3 drops of MMS with 3 drops of either 50% citric acid or 4% HCl (hydrochloric acid), and count 30 seconds. Take note of the color of your drops. The drops should turn amber color, (like an amber glass bottle). They should also be transparent, and not cloudy looking. If the color is not amber but is yellow, it is useable for a few days, but it should be replaced. If it does not turn amber or yellow do not use it.
In my latest book, the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, on pages 39-40 you will find detailed information on how to do this color test with some additional important tips and things to consider as you do the color test before you deem your MMS as not usable.

Test Two:

An additional method to test that your MMS is good and that it is my authentic formula is as follows:
You will need an accurate (to 1 gram) scale. Measure out exactly 100 ml of your MMS. Whatever container you use to measure the 100 ml, be sure it is clean and dry at the start. Put the container on the scale and then press the “tare” button on the scale, as this must be a precise measurement. The tare feature will set the scale to zero grams when you put the completely empty container on the scale.

Next, carefully pour your MMS liquid into the container on the scale until it reaches 100 ml. (Note: You are measuring MMS, not MMS1 which it becomes when the acid activator is added.)

MMS is a 22.4% solution of sodium chlorite in water. The 100 ml of MMS should weigh 122 grams, this is the ideal. If it falls in the range of 120 grams to 124 grams it is usable, but 122 grams, or very close to it, is the ideal.

Note: Both of these tests—test one and test two, should be used if you want to be certain your MMS is good.
If either of these two tests does not work out, I suggest you check with your supplier for replacement of the supply that you bought from him.

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